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March 23, 2020Obitia

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Where to Buy? | Difference from Sympathy Flowers | Types of Arrangments | What Different Flowers Represent | Where Do You Send Them?

Funerals are an occasion that typically involves flowers being purchased both for a showing of sympathy and condolences towards the family who has lost a loved one and also for the funeral service itself. Below we will give you some insight into what you need to know when purchasing flowers for a funeral (or celebration of life), including where to buy, how much flowers cost, and what different arrangements and flower types are used for and represent.


Where do I buy funeral flowers?

There are many places that make purchasing funeral flowers or sympathy flowers easy. You may ask the funeral home who they usually work with locally. Local florists will be knowledgable and regularly prepare flowers for events including funerals. Or you can use our funeral flower shop.

Our flower shop sends your order to a local florist who can arrange your flowers and deliver them the same day to either the funeral home or address of your choice. Our online flower shop offers specifically sympathy and funeral flowers only, so there is never a worry about whether your arrangement is appropriate to a funeral service. They also have customer service.

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What is the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers?

The difference between the two names is related to the purpose of the flowers themselves. Sympathy flowers are meant to express your condolences and are usually purchased by individuals who are not immediate family members of the deceased and sent to either the funeral home or family home. Funeral flowers are meant to decorate the memorial or funeral service and are purchased by the family or individual who is responsible for the memorial service and funeral planning.


What are the different funeral flower arrangements?

If you are responsible for purchasing the flowers for the funeral itself it is good to know what kinds of arrangments are both available and appropriate depending on your needs and the type of funeral you are organizing. Every type of arrangement below can be found in our funeral shop and come in a wide variety of colors and types of flowers.

Funeral Flower Arrangement Types

  • Casket Sprays or Funeral Sprays – Sprays are large, flat bouquets of long-stem flowers and plants. They can be made for the purpose of displaying on or in a casket or attached to free-standing easels at the service. “Standing sprays” should not be sent to a home or office, as they are meant for formal services only and are usually quite large. Casket sprays cost between $199.95 and $434.95 on our online flower shop. Funeral sprays cost between $139.95 and $399.95.
  • Floral Arrangements – These are cut flowers that are either tied together or placed in a bouquet or vase. Funeral baskets are floral arrangements that are designed to be more stable, so they can be used at the service or at a graveside service. General floral arrangments, such as table arrangements and flower baskets, cost between $69.95 and $259.95.
  • Garlands – Garlands are bands of plants or flowers that have been tied together. A circular garland is known as a wreath and can be hung, laid, or secured to a free-standing easel at the service. Garlands (wreathes) cost between $249.95 and $489.95.

Please note that prices for individual flower arrangments may change. The flower pricing above reflects the range of prices on the Obitia Funeral Flower Shop.


What do different flowers mean and symbolize?

Different flowers tend to have different meanings based in part on their look and color, below you can get a general sense of what each flower is supposed to symbolize, however you should not read to much into it if the arrangement is beautiful and you think your loved one would have thought them an appropriate floral tribute then you should feel comfortable in your choice.

  • White Lilies – Innocence of the soul of the departed
  • Gladioli – Sincerity
  • Peace Lily – Peace and purity
  • White carnations – Pure love and innocence
  • Pink carnations – Remembrance
  • Chrysanthemums – Loyalty and devoted love
  • White roses – Reverence, innocence, and youthfulness
  • Crimson roses – Grief and sorrow
  • Yellow roses – Friendship
  • Pink or White Orchids – Eternal love. Set as potted plants.


Where do I send funeral floral arrangements?

It is best to coordinate with the funeral director and their staff when you are planning on shipping or having delivered live plants such as flowers. Cut flowers usually only survive a couple of days and can be fragile so you will want to make sure your order is prepared and delivered relatively close the day of the memorial or funeral service. You can easily find and send flowers to a funeral home by using our funeral home search and finding the funeral home and clicking the “Send Flowers” button. The funeral home’s address will be automatically used as the delivery address.

Most often you will want to send the flowers to either the funeral home itself or the church or faith center where the funeral will take place. Make sure to communicate beforehand with the funeral director or faith leader to coordinate. In the event that you need flowers delivered quickly, the Obitia funeral flower shop offers same-day delivery if you order before 1:00 PM in the time zone of the delivery (some holiday exceptions apply).

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Organizing the flowers for a funeral or memorial service may seem like an overwhelming task that must be done under an impossible timeline, all well you are mourning your loved one. However, you can easily lean on others and know that florists generally can work under very short timelines for funerals. Using the information above and using the resources at hand you can make sure that the funeral flowers for your loved one will be an amazing part of their beautiful funeral celebration.




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