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April 27, 2020Obitia

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While many people hold a funeral or memorial service at a funeral home or a church (or temple), some are opting for different and sometimes very unique venues to hold a funeral or celebrate their loved one’s life. Below we have put together some unique and interesting ideas if you are looking for a venue to celebrate your loved one’s life.

If you simply would like to find a funeral home or a funeral director to aid you please use our funeral home search here.


Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens like parks can provide a beautiful natural backdrop to any service or celebration of life. Botanical gardens will also tend to be easier to deal with as they will likely be comfortable planning events.


Family or Friends Home

If you are looking for a more economically feasible option, a friend or family home can provide a good choice when hosting a funeral reception or celebration of life.



A park, whether it is a national, state, or local park can provide a beautiful natural setting for a celebration of life. If you are having an actual funeral service you may need to get the appropriate permits, so always make sure to contact the relevant park service beforehand.


College or University Campus

A college or university can be an ideal location for a celebration of life or funeral service. Whether your loved one attending the school during their undergraduate years or worked in some capacity for the school, the grounds of a college campus can be a beautiful and relaxing setting. The idyllic nature of many American college campuses can provide a beautiful natural setting for your loved one’s celebration of life.


Boat (Out on the Water)

In our article on memorial reefs, we explain how your loved one’s ashes can be incorporated into a memorial reef to help protect marine life and coral. It also allows an opportunity for friends and family members to travel to the site of the reef and celebrate on land nearby or on a boat. This can be an incredible and rememberable experience.

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Brewery or Winery

Did your loved one have a favorite beer or wine? Maybe they just enjoyed having a good times with friends and family. I winery or brewery provides a great venue for friends and family to celebrate a loved one, likely more than once!


Museum or Art Gallery

A museum or art gallery may not jump out as an appropriate place for a celebration of life, but they often can host events and there is no better way to celebrate your loved one’s appreciation of the arts than a celebration of life in a venue dedicated to the showcasing of artistic talent.



If your loved one had a favorite restaurant or cuisine, then celebrating them at a relevant restaurant can be a wonderful way to remember them. There are few better ways to come together with friends and family than over a good meal together. Restaurants also tend to have dedicated event spaces for large gatherings or meals.


Rocket Launch Site

We work with Celestis to provide the opportunity for your loved one’s ashes to be launched into space. Part of the launch is visiting the launch site at Cape Canaveral where friends and family can come together to celebrate their loved one and watch the launch take place.


Golf Course or Country Club

Did your loved one love to golf? Many golf courses and country clubs have the ability to host events and like many other outdoor venues provides a beautiful setting for either a funeral reception or celebration of life event.


Beachside or Lakeside

Whether it’s on a sandy beach or on the dock of a beautiful lake, being by the water can make a fantastic venue for a funeral reception or celebration of life event. If you plan on using a public area for your event make sure to check with the relevant public authority first.


Wedding Venues during Off-Season

There is an abundance of venues around the country that will be happy to host an event for you as well as assist in the planning. One small tip is to host a celebration of life event during the wedding off-season, as there will be more available and prices will likely be much less expensive.



Many families will choose the funeral home or church as the venue for their loved one’s funeral, however, you should be aware that you have options if you want to do something different and you think your loved one would have appreciated it. When choosing a venue keep in mind what best honors your loved one and what works best for everyone who is grieving and will want to participate.




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