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January 10, 2020Obitia

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Cremation is now the most common disposition type in the United States, having surpassed a traditional burial the first time in 2015. The popularity of cremation has created the demand for more alternative burial options for both those who are planning their own celebration of life ceremony or for families that may want to do something unique with a loved one’s cremated remains.


What is a “Space Burial” or “Memorial Spaceflight”?

Celestis has decades of experience providing memorial spaceflights. Celestis offers the opportunity to celebrate a life regardless of final disposition by launching to space cremated remains or DNA, sealed inside a personalized flight capsule. The flight capsule is then placed onboard a commercial spacecraft and launched to space. Celestis offers four services — or destinations:

  1. Destination: Space and Return. The flight capsule is launched to space and after experiencing zero-gravity environment the flight capsule is returned to Earth and to the family.
  2. Destination: Earth orbit. The flight capsule is launched to Earth orbit where it remains for years or decades until it re-enters the atmosphere, harmlessly vaporizing like a shooting star.
  3. Destination: Moon. The flight capsule is placed on the Moon’s surface.
  4. Destination: Deep space. The flight capsule is launched on a permanent celestial journey, well beyond the Moon.

The family and friends are invited to participate in a multi-day launch event organized by Celestis for every launch. Pre-launch events include – as available – private tours of the vehicle/satellite manufacturing facility and launch facility, mixers, and pre-launch briefings and a memorial service. On launch day the guests gather at the liftoff site to share the experience of seeing their loved one’s dreams of spaceflight realized. The launch and surrounding activities are webcast for those unable to attend. By experiencing the launch, itself or watching by video feed, a memorial spaceflight can serve as a compelling and beautiful celebration of life for your loved one.


How Much Does Space Burial Cost?

Space burials can be costly, although most people will say that it is well worth the money. Prices range from $2,495 for the cremains to be launched and returned to earth to $12,500 for the remains to be launched into deep space beyond the moon. The costs would not include travel and accommodations if family and friends were to travel to the launch site.

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How Often Do Space Launches Occur?

Celestis has been completing about one launch per year for the past twenty years. Due to the nature of spacecraft launch schedules, your loved one will be scheduled to launch when the next available launch slot is selected.


Do Memorial Spaceflights Create Space Debris Pollution?

No. Celestis spacecraft and missions are carefully designed so as not to create space debris and cremated remains or DNA samples are never released into space. Celestis memorial spaceflights are conducted in adherence with international and national law.


Does it Matter When Your Loved One Passed?

No, so long as you have the cremated remains. Many families choose to do a space burial long after their loved one has passed. Because many alternative burial options are new or simply not well known, many families may choose to take ashes that have been in an urn for a while and undertake a space burial if they think that is something their loved one would have wanted.



The growing demand for alternative burials, whether they are green funerals, artificial reef burials, or burials in space, is becoming a common wish for many, and a truly remarkable, beautiful and unforgettable way for friends and family to both honor their loved one and bond over a special experience. If you are interested in learning more about Celestis and memorial spaceflights fill out the form below and someone from Celestis will contact you with more information.


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