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June 2, 2020Obitia

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Buying items online has become the norm in most parts of our modern lives. What many people may be surprised to find out is that caskets and coffins can be purchased online as well and are often more affordable than other options. While you still may want to both browse and or purchase from a funeral home directly, if you want to buy from a third party online retailer you will need to take the following into account.


Can You Get a Free Shipping?


Many online retailers, including vendors on Amazon such as Overnight Caskets and Titan Caskets, will not charge a shipping fee and will be able to ship anywhere in the lower forty-eight (48) states. Funeral homes according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule cannot charge a fee for accepting caskets from a third party seller and are required to allow you to purchase and use third party goods and services, including a casket.


How Quickly Will It Arrive?

24 hours.

Due to the nature of most families’ needs, caskets are generally shipped to their destination within 24 hours. This shipping time frame generally excludes Alaska and Hawaii for practical reasons. However, you should always confirm the expected delivery date to make sure.


Will the Caskets be Cheaper Online?

Not all caskets are the same price, and in fact, the price for one casket can be substantially more or less expensive than another one, read our Guide to purchasing a casket for a more in-depth look at the different types and styles of caskets and coffins. Generally, however, caskets will be less expensive online especially if they are being bought directly from the manufacturer, you can always view different options on sites such as Amazon and Costco. Both offer many different types of caskets such as steel caskets and wooden caskets.


More Selection and Choice

While you will likely see lower prices on caskets and coffins, you also see a wider variety of options, including customizations. While the degree of choice at any given funeral home is likely to vary substantially, you can always compare it easily with online options so as to give you and your family the most options and choices when you do make a final decision. Many online retailers will also have a large selection of oversized caskets, which may or may not be available from a funeral home.



Buying a casket online may seem like an unusual thing to do or that it may not be appropriate to the situation, and while every family will have to make the decision for themselves on what is best for their loved one, the ability to see different options, styles and pricing ahead of time is incredibly valuable even if you end up buying directly from a funeral home.


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