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March 26, 2020Obitia

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Whether you plan on having a traditional funeral and memorial service or a modern “celebration of life”, you will want to record who attended and give them the opportunity to share something. The funeral guestbook (or funeral registry book) serves as a way of recording who attended the funeral or memorial service and for those attending to have the opportunity to share condolences and a memory that can be both cathartic and healing for those who share it and the family of the deceased.

The memories shared by those who sign the guest book can be incredible reminders of not only how great your loved one was while living, but also a way for friends and family to reflect on the impact their loved one had on a wide variety of individuals in the community.


Where to Buy a Funeral Guest Book

There are many places you can buy a funeral guest book, however, the easiest place would be finding one in the Obitia store or through Amazon. Prices generally range from $8.00 to $35.00. Funeral homes usually have a partnership with either a flower store or stationery store which may also be able to supply you with options, however, online sellers will likely have a larger selection and better pricing.


Where to Place the Guest Book

The guestbook can be placed at the entrance to the facility in which the service or funeral is taking place. Your funeral director will likely be able to point to a place that families have used in the past. You may want someone to act as a greeter and direct those attending to sign the guest book. You may also use a table sign or a floral arrangement, such as a standing spray, to call attention to it. The decision of where to place the registry book and how to bring attention to the guests to sign it will be up to you.


How to Sign a Funeral Guest Book

Traditionally as a guest, you would sign your name and your relationship to the deceased. However, nowadays you may want to include a loving memory or possible Bible verse that was important to your friend or loved one. If you are not sure what is appropriate simply scan the entries above your line and see what others have done. You can then determine what you think would be most appropriate. It is always appropriate to sign the guest book and state your relationship, so as to document that you attended the funeral.



Many people would not think to get a guestbook unless told directly by their funeral director, however, it is a good idea for creating a record of the impact your loved one had on the people in their life as well as provide a simple way for those in attendance who are also grieving your loved one’s loss to express their grief and share their condolences with you.




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