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July 10, 2020Obitia

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At Obitia we know that not everyone pre-plans their own funeral. In fact, most people do not. This means that the responsibility for planning a funeral usually falls on the deceased’s family who may not only be unprepared but also grieving the loss of their loved one.

That is why we created our funeral planning checklists, along with the other tools below to help guide you through the funeral planning process. We hope these checklists and tools will take away some of the stress of planning the funeral so you can focus on what is important; being with friends and family during the grieving period.

Funeral Planning Checklists

Our funeral planning checklists are customized to the type of disposition your loved one will have. If you do not know where to start we recommend you begin with the Comprehensive Funeral Planning Checklist as it covers the most and will give you a good idea of what all needs to be accomplished.


Comprehensive Funeral Planning Checklist >

This guide walks you through all aspects of planning a funeral and taking care of your loved one’s estate. You can also download a free PDF funeral planning checklist copy from the page.

Simple Cremation Checklist >

This checklist outlines the tasks necessary to have a simple cremation, this type of disposition tends to be the simplest and most affordable. There may be a showing or memorial service depending on the wishes of the deceased and/or family members.

Traditional Burial Checklist >

This checklist describes the tasks needed for a traditional burial, which may include a memorial service or celebration of life. This traditional funeral tends to be more expensive due to the casket, please see our average funeral pricing tool below to get a better idea of how expensive funerals are in your state.

Cremation with Burial Checklist >

This checklist outlines the tasks needed for this hybrid type of funeral in which your loved one will be cremated and then buried in a cemetery.

Alternative Burial Checklist >

This checklist describes the tasks needed to have a cremation and then plan a celebration of life or other less traditional burial/scattering ceremony, such as memorial spaceflight or memorial reef.

Pre-Planning Funeral Checklists

The checklists below are similar to the ones above, however, they come from a place in which you yourself will plan what you want at your funeral as well as including estate planning as part of your funeral pre-planning.

Pre-Plan Simple Cremation Checklist >

Pre-Plan Traditional Burial Checklist >

Pre-Plan Cremation with Burial Checklist >

Pre-Plan Alternative Burial Checklist >

Funeral Cost and Pricing Estimators

View Average Funeral Pricing by State >

We compiled funeral pricelist data from more than 12,000 funeral homes across the United States to create a tool that allows families to estimate funeral costs in their state for different kinds of funeral arrangements and dispositions, such as burials or cremations. Simply pick the state in which the funeral will be held and select the disposition type (funeral service type) and any additional services you may wish to include.

Other Services

All Funeral Planning Services >

Obitia offers links to a wide range of services that can greatly help you with planning a funeral or memorial service. Whether its ordering programs for the service or ordering casket sprays or any other type of funeral flower arrangements.



Our checklists are meant to give you an idea of what needs to be done to plan a funeral, they don’t have to be exactly followed and the tasks can be completed in the order you think best. The checklists are really meant to give you a sense of structure when planning, we also recommend that you rely on the funeral director, they will have a lot of fo insight into what should be done and when and will be both a resource and source of comfort for you and your family during this difficult time.




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