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March 30, 2020Obitia

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Cremation jewelry (also called urn jewelry) is a popular way of carrying someone’s ashes (cremains) with you to remind you of their love and life. While cremation is now the most common disposition form in the United States, for many the thought of simply keeping their loved one in an urn on their mantle or not having their remains nearby after they have been interred or buried makes the use of urn jewelry a perfect solution. You may also keep a small amount of their hair if cremation is not an option or was not chosen by them. Cremation jewelry allows the wearer to have a small part of their loved one with them at all times and a constant reminder of their love even after they are gone.

Cremation jewelry is incredibly popular and can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive depending on the material used and the manufacturer. The Obitia Funeral Marketplace offers a large selection of cremation jewelry or if you would like to simply browse cremation jewelry on Amazon they have a wide range offering. Below we outline some of the different styles of cremation jewelry by the type of jewelry they are. You may also want to check with a local funeral home if you would like to see choices in person if you need to find a funeral home near you use our funeral home search.


Cremation Jewelry – Necklaces

Sometimes called urn necklaces, this piece of jewelry most often unscrews and comes with a small funnel so that a small amount of your loved one’s ashes can be poured inside before the screw is secured back in place. Urn necklaces come in a wide variety of materials, such as sterling silver, stainless steel, glass, precious metals, et cetera. Prices for urn necklaces can be from $6.99 to thousands of dollars. The average price on the Obitia store is around $15 dollars.

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Cremation Jewelry – Rings

Cremation rings hold a small amount of ash or hair, like the other kinds of cremation jewelry. They can come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and designs. The most common type of material is stainless steel.

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Cremation Jewelry – Bracelets

Cremation Bracelets function in much the same way as a cremation necklace. Most come with a funnel that can be used to easily add a small portion of your loved one’s cremains into it so they can be held close to you.

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Pet Cremation Jewelry

All cremation jewelry can be used for pets, however, some cremation jewelry is specifically pet-themed. For many keeping a small amount of ashes or fur close to them can be comforting and a reminder of how important that pet was in life to themselves and their family.

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Cremation jewelry is a great way to keep a small part of your loved one near you and a physical reminder of the person they were and the impact they had on your life. The wide range of materials and styles means you can choose the type of jewelry that fits your life best. You can also always keep the remainder of the cremains on the mantle or have a scattering (or other celebration of life event) in addition to using the ashes in your jewelry. The amount used is small so multiple family members can all have wear one if that is something that the family would like to do together. In short, urn jewelry is a fantastic way to honor and remember your loved one and keep them close to you all the time.




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