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January 16, 2020Obitia

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According to our data taken from over 12,000 funeral home price lists, the average funeral ranges in price from $2,000-$7,000. However, many families in the United States would find it difficult to come up with the amount needed to cover the costs our data suggest is the amount needed to pay for an average funeral service. However, there are more choices and options than ever before and funerals can be both affordable and memorable.


What is the cheapest type of funeral?

In short, the cheapest type of funeral would be one in which the deceased is directly cremated and their remains scattered or kept in an inexpensive urn. An affordable cremation will generally cost around $500, depending on the location of the funeral home.


What is the most expensive type of funeral?

A traditional burial with both a memorial and a graveside service tend to be the most expensive, especially if they are done in an expensive location or city. Funeral prices tend to track overall prices around the United States.


Why are funerals so expensive?

A large proportion of the cost of a traditional funeral is not the funeral itself, but the physical objects bought along with the funeral home services such as the basic services fee, et cetera. Caskets are generally the single most expensive item purchased for a funeral and usually cost $2,000 – $5,000 when purchased through a funeral home. However, as can be seen below, purchasing a casket online can provide you with more choice and significant savings for the exact same style and type of casket.

Burials in general greatly add to the cost of a funeral, not only because of the casket, but the need for a burial plot, a tomb vault, and a headstone. Cemetery staff will also have to be compensated for their work and any graveside services that are requested.


How can I save money on a funeral?


Shop Around

You can comparison shop, especially online. Many funeral related products, such as caskets, urns, and flowers can all be purchased online for less money and can still be shipped within days to the address of your choosing. The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule explicitly states that all funeral homes must allow you to purchase funeral goods from third parties. In the same vein, headstones can also be bought online and shipped to the cemetery, which will give you a wider range of styles, stones, and options while likely saving you money.

Life Insurance

Life insurance which is paid out to the estate or your heirs can be used to pay end-of-life expenses such as funeral costs. This can greatly alleviate the financial burden on your family if you pass away. Using a life insurance policy to pay end-of-life expenses will also mean that you will not have to make sure your estate is large enough to cover expenses or your family will have to use their savings or credit cards to pay for funeral expenses. If you are interested in getting and comparing life no-obligation life insurance quotes from leading national providers please use the Policygenius widget below. Many people are surprised to find out just how affordable a life insurance policy can be.

Explore natural burials or green burials

A green or natural burial (or even a home burial) tends to be less expensive because the items involved are meant to break down and disintegrate, while the purpose of expensive traditional caskets is to protect the deceased from the elements.

Do it yourself

Not everything has to be handled by a funeral director or purchased through funeral service providers. If the casket and body will not be on display you can have a memorial at your home, park, or church for very little cost. Flowers, food, and stationery can all be donated by friends and family to spread the cost around.


The internet has made crowdfunding and fundraising for charitable causes significantly easier. We recommend using GoFundMe if you are interested in seeking donations to pay for part or all of the funeral plans of your loved one.



Planning a funeral can be stressful enough with the emotion of losing a loved one, while the burden of affording the ceremony your loved one deserves only adds to the difficulty of the situation. The most important and efficient way to save money is to browse online first for what you need, as this will in the very least give you an idea of what costs should be when you do speak with a funeral home directly. These days, it is becoming more common to do something that is not completely traditional and many times this can save you money and be just as special and memorable as a traditional service would have been.


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