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May 11, 2020Obitia

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The loss of a pet comes with its own grief and difficulties. Pet owners never want to think about the loss of their beloved pet, but they will need to make some plans for when the day comes. Below we outline some of the issues with loss and what practical considerations you should make.


Coping with Pet Loss

The death of a pet will surely trigger a large amount of grief for the owner and their family. For most families, a pet is very much a part of their lives. The loss of the love our pets give us can be truly devastating. Knowing the 5 Stages of Grief can help you recognize the loss and work your way through your tried info a productive healthy manner.

For memorial purposes, many owners get small placards or gravestones to commemorate their pets. Urn jewelry which is popular for keeping a small amount of ash or hair of a loved one can be used for a pet as well, many types are specially made for pets.

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Practical Considerations

Depending on the type of animal your pet is and their size there are some practical considerations. You should also take into consideration your locale and living arrangements. Many people wish to bury their pets on their own property, however, this is for obvious reasons more practical if you live on a lot of property. Some jurisdictions have statutes covering if animals can be buried, so you should check before burying your pet.

If you wish to have your pet cremated you will have to contact a funeral home. Many funeral homes have specific pet services they advertise. When using the Obitia funeral home search, you can click “Additional filters” on the search page and then select “Pet Services”. Keep in mind that even though a funeral home does not show up specifically in our search as offering “Pet Services” doesn’t mean that they don’t have the ability to help you. Funeral directors and their staff are generally known for being very caring and helpful, so if you have any questions or need guidance you should not hesitate to call a funeral home directly to inquire.

If you plan on burying your pet’s body, you will need a coffin and possibly a vault for the grave. Pet coffins come in a variety of sizes and can usually be purchased online. If you plan on keeping your pet’s ashes you will need to purchase an urn, there are many urns that are specialized for pets, however, an urn for human ashes will also work (check the size of the urn before you purchase, if buying online).

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The loss of an animal companion is difficult, both on the owner and their family. However, it is always best to focus on the joy your pet brought to your life and the good home and care you gave them in return. It may take some time to move through your grief, but many pet owners will get a new pet (please consider a local shelter or adoption agency) and while the new pet cannot truly replace your old pet, they will bring new love and warmth into your home.


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